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Sheelah Moloney

Sheelah Moloney, is the owner and curator of 2020 Curates in Cork. Sheelah loves all things visual, her passion for art led her to open 2020 Art Gallery in 2009. Sheelah is an Art Historian (BAhons) who also has a love of photography, she gets as much of a thrill from a perfectly captured moment in time as she does from falling head over heels in love with an artwork. When Sheelah left school, she studied film in St. Johns College Cork, for two years which she describes as the best two years of her life. At twenty-three, Sheelah got the opportunity to go to college in UCC as a mature student to study which is where she attained a Major in Art History and Sociology While Sheelah was in college, she did an internship in The Glucksman Art Gallery, where she worked directly with curators on exhibitions. Sheelah also worked for The Fenton Art Gallery in Cork, where she watched the whole process from artists coming in to meet with the curators to art being displayed on the wall, she watched people coming in and falling in love with the art, that was the moment Sheelah realised that her passion was being part of the full circle from start to finish. A highlight in Sheelah’s career was being part of Culture Night, where she worked with various artists such as Shane O’Driscoll, Deirdre Breen and Craig Carry, the event was a huge success for everybody involved. In response to a changing market Sheelah developed her business from an art gallery to an art consultancy 2020 Curates in 2019. 2020 Curates offers guidance solutions for artists looking to advance their careers, art lovers with collections they want to add to or display with care and arts arenas looking for curatorial input into projects large and small. During lockdown Sheelah also added a new dimension to the business. Translating her understanding of the power of the visual into a design service for small businesses. To explore more about what 2020 can do for you please check out our website at www.2020curates.ie


2020 Curates


64 South William Street

Dublin 2


Tel: 01 2549846 (due to Covid-19, we ask that you request a call back here to ensure your call is answered)


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