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50 Shades Greener
50 Shades Greener

Raquel Noboa

Raquel Noboa is the proud founder and director of Fifty Shades Greener. Fifty Shades Greener is a program that encompasses online training and consultations that encourages businesses across Ireland to go green. By learning how to reduce their Carbon Footprint across energy, water and waste, hotels qualify for green tourism and drastically reduce their bills. The Fifty Shades Greener business model assumes you don’t know anything about green management, and acts as a starting point to improve management of all resources. Raquel began her journey as The Green Manager at Hotel Doolin, here she realized the pitfalls and opportunities presented in the hospitality industry to become greener. Over her career at the hotel, she transformed it into the first Carbon Neutral hotel in Ireland. Fifty Shades Greener allows hotel staff to save vast amounts of money, but also qualify for greener tourism. As the world faces the threat of global climate change, tourism has begun to change. Those who are looking for a weekend away are becoming more and more attractive to hospitality that is branded as green, and good for the environment. A recent study suggests that over 80% of tourists would choose a green hotel over other options and would be happy to pay more for it. Her award-winning program is available on her website,


50 Shades Greener


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Tel: 01 2549846 (due to Covid-19, we ask that you request a call back here to ensure your call is answered)

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