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Alison Egan Coaching

Alison Egan

Alison Egan is the founder of her own coaching business, Alison Egan Coaching. She provides coaching to women who want to live happier, more fulfilling lives. She first discovered coaching almost 15 years ago when she was working as a CEO, she was looking for new ways to manage and develop her staff, so she decided to train as a coach. Her coach training changed the way she viewed myself, her staff and the world around her. She learned to understand herself and others so much better and discovered how to harness people’s strengths and to build teams of people whose skills complimented each other. Alison is also mum to four lively boys including identical twins. When they were born, she decided to move home to Donegal and she became a stay-at-home mum for a few years so she knows the challenges of being both a working and a stay-at-home mum. Being at home with her kids really put her coaching skills to the test! Her passion for coaching continues to grow and she now works as a full time coach. She loves empowering and helping women find a new vision for their life, work and business and helping them set an achievable plan to get there.


Alison Egan Coaching


64 South William Street

Dublin 2


Tel: 01 2549846 (due to Covid-19, we ask that you request a call back here to ensure your call is answered)

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