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Siobhan Cody

Siobhan Cody is Head of Strategy and Enablement at AIB. She began her career at an early age. When she finished school as a teenager, she found herself in the exciting world of finance working for Allied Irish Bank. Siobhan’s role has evolved over the years as she went from one opportunity to the other and worked herself up the ladder in AIB. As a young lady, Siobhan absorbed herself in her studies at night-time, with a lot of determination and hard work, she completed her Batchelor of Business Studies in DCU, Institution of Bankers Exams, Chartered Management Accounting, Diploma in IT Management and Systems, Diploma in Coaching along with tons of inhouse training with AIB. AIB has given Siobhan opportunities to work in Project Management, Portfolio Management, delivering large scale transformation and change within AIB. Siobhan’s most recent role was Head of Strategy involving the online and telephone business in direct banking where she was the primary support role for front line teams, such as, Risk Management, People Management, Employee Engagement, Management Information and Resource Planning not forgetting Change Management. Over the years Siobhan’s work with AIB has given her the opportunity to travel to the likes of the United States, Singapore and London. Siobhan is just bursting with passion for issues like diversity, PRIDE and the Mentor Her support group within AIB. Siobhan is highly enthusiastic about helping people through coaching and mentoring.

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