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Noelle Roche

Noelle is a Personal, Leadership and Executive Coach and the founder of CC Coaching. Her life’s journey to date has always been a battle of mind over matter, and a long time ago she decided that, in order to be her best self, she had to have a ‘can do’ attitude. So, she began to put herself wholeheartedly into whatever it is she needed to do at any given time. She began listening to the negative things she was telling herself and replaced them with positives. Her biggest lessons have come from life experiences and along the way, she had discovered that her passion is to support others. Everyone’s journey is their own, but we all need someone who listens to us, to offload to, to help us refocus and to help us be the best we can be. Noelle’s coaching is all of that and more, she is committed to your journey and she helps you recognise those limiting beliefs, recognise your strengths and values and shift the “stuck” to “unstuck”! Noelle is a self-employed woman with experience in Beauty, Finance and Coaching. She runs her beauty and coaching business side by side. She’s the Director of her local Credit Union and she’s always involved in some kind of fundraising for charity events. Currently, Noelle is cycling 200 km for Breast Cancer Research Ireland and she’s thrilled to be here with MentorHer to give support to other women in business!


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