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Erika Nikiskina

Erika Nikiskina is a neuro-coach and hypnotherapist- founder of Discover Power Within, a hypnotherapy service in Greystones. Her journey towards emotional balance began when the busy routine of daily life left her feeling overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted, lonely and without purpose and identity. She was a mom, an employee, a friend, but who was she really? She began exploring Yoga as a practice to calm her mind and tend to her body, and got certified as a Yoga instructor. Fascinated by the ability of the mind to create new habits and automate new positive thinking she trained as a Hypnotherapist so that she could empower working mothers with self-leadership while growing self-trust, self-acceptance and positive inner voice. Now, she is in the process of studying Neuro Coaching which uses a science-based system to help women just like you to get even faster and long term positive results in life alongside continuous support So you may ask, how all of this helped her as a mother? Well, when she became calmer, more confident and trusting her kids became that too. She started to notice negative thoughts and emotions that her kids experienced, and was able to divert them to a more happy and positive outlook. She had more time and energy to be there for them and with them, without needing a distraction of work, a phone or a tv. She firmly believes that content mothers grow resilient and content kids. Now she is on a mission to help working mothers to achieve emotional balance so that they can live a life from a place of balance while creating many many happy memories with her kids.


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