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Therese Wright

Therese Wright is the Dublin-based mother of four and creator of Fairy-Elle: the reversible doll that helps children have a better night sleep. Fairy Elle is a reversible doll, featuring an awake and asleep version of the fairy. During the night, Fairy Elle comes alive to protect children as they sleep. During the day, the doll sleeps soundly as kids go about their day. Fairy Elle also features a spray bottle to sprinkle children’s heads with a light water to inspire ideas of magical dust. The read along story book features Fairy Elle’s adventures as she navigates the world. The set also includes a notepad, for children to write down their worries and anxiety before bed. Having had the concept in mind when her own children were small, Therese realized she had come up with a way that might help many other families beyond hers. In our fast-paced modern life, childhood anxiety has augmented drastically in recent years. This can often come to a head right before bedtime, making it impossible for children and parents alike to have a good night sleep. Fairy Elle allows children to practise mindfulness, and to release their anxiety at a young age, making for a better chance that they don’t carry this unease into their adult life. Fairy Elle is available to purchase online on her website.


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