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Paola Almeida

Paola Almeida is the woman behind Gorgeous Design Co. Based in Galway, the company specializes is design and marketing that encompasses website building and management, branding, and social media management. The aim of the company is to give small businesses the opportunity to receive high quality branding for an accessible price. Paola says, her company doesn’t just focus on making things beautiful, but also ensures there is meaning behind every product; all her work is about driving customers to make a purchase. Originally from Mexico, Paola grew up in a family run business which she believes gave her the drive and mindset to become a business owner. But watching her parent’s journey, she realized that to start a business takes a lot of sacrifice. Paola moved to Ireland four years ago for travel and work opportunities. After relocating from Dublin to Galway for a job that didn’t work out, Paola began working on her life plan. She realized that Ireland could be the place for her to achieve a life goal: starting her own business. The journey to self-employment and company formation wasn’t easy, especially due to the fact she didn’t have EU citizenship, but Paola strived to achieve her goal and managed it! With a first few customers, Gorgeous Design Co began to flourish, gaining momentum through word of mouth, reaching small business owners in Galway and beyond. The company, now going strong, helps many small businesses across a variety of online services. They also work with the Local Enterprise Office’s Trading Online Voucher that assists small businesses in getting online- so if you’re a business owner, it may be a good idea to get Paola involved! You can see all the details over on her website gorgeousdesignco.com


Gorgeous Design Co


64 South William Street

Dublin 2


Tel: 01 2549846 (due to Covid-19, we ask that you request a call back here to ensure your call is answered)


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