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Jessie Power

Born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada, Jessie achieved a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland and worked in the advertising industry for a number of years before purchasing a one-way ticket to Dublin for a new adventure. With a great support system (many hours away), she hit the ground searching for the right opportunity. After spending most of her days emailing her CV to potential employers and asking strangers for networking coffees, she accepted a marketing communications role in an Irish company. Headquartered in Dublin but with a global employee and customer base, Jessie quickly learned to merge a North American education with European business practices and took a fresh look at communicating the benefits of complex technology to customers around the world. A few years later and feeling like it was time for another change, she moved to Intel where she is now concentrating on communicating to the 100,000+ strong global employee base. She emphasizes the importance of remembering the actual person at the end of every email, report or infographic. ‘Every member of your target audience is a real human with their own unique set of motivations, ambitions, fears and influences – the more we understand and embrace that, the more impact our work can have’. Jessie is excited to be a mentor and share a little knowledge about calculating your own risk/benefit analysis. She says, ‘change can be hard, but when you have a goal and are willing to take a risk into a new company, a new industry or a new country, the rewards are more than worth it’.

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