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Jennifer Jane is the founder of Jennifer Jane Photography. She studied Law at Solent University, where she graduated with a place at Law School in London. Before taking up her place at Law School, she took a year off, where she worked for PGL Adventure for a couple of months before she got a job working in the marketing Department at a printer. There she found she loved the creativity of the job so much that she gave up her place at Law school and continued working in marketing. She eventually moved to London with her now husband and continued her path in marketing, climbing the ladder to International Marketing Manager of a magazine publishing company. After she married and had her daughter, and with her husband travelling internationally for work, her priorities changed and she wanted to continue working but in a less senior role, with less demands so that she could enjoy the new role of motherhood. Unfortunately, her current company at the time didn’t feel flexible working hours were conducive with her role, so she left to pursue other options. She took extended time to enjoy being a parent and being with her child as she grew up before she went back to college to study photography, something she’d always loved. After graduating with two Distinctions, she decided to take the plunge and set up her own company. So that she had flexibility over her work. She started doing family shoots, before she moved across into weddings. She now runs a successful luxury wedding photography company. She also organises large scale styled wedding shoots with colleagues in the wedding industry. Her work is widely published in magazines and blogs. And she has recently started business mentoring and coaching other creatives to help them elevate their businesses to the next level. You can find out more about Jennifer on her website!


Jennifer Jane Photography


64 South William Street

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Tel: 01 2549846 (due to Covid-19, we ask that you request a call back here to ensure your call is answered)

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