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Leisha Mc Grath is the founder and director of Leisha McGrath & Associates, an organisational psychology business. Having grown up with parents in the business psychology world, her father being one of the first to bring the concept to Ireland, Leisha swore she wouldn’t follow their path. But when she found she had her own independent interest in the subject during the final year of her psychology degree, she pursued her passion and travelled to London to study it in more detail in Goldsmith’s, one of the top three universities for the qualification. Her Masters was focused around frontline workers and whether they were supported in doing their job from an organisational standpoint. When her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumour, she moved home and took up contractual work across a variety of Irish business, including setting up the HR department at Needahotel where she put processes in place for the people agenda along the lines of recruitment, training and policies; and Hudson, known for their recruitment and coaching psychometrics. Soon after the recession hit, Leisha went on maternity leave with her second child and began to take up contracts with people she had worked with in the past and her own business began to grow into the success it is today. Leisha’s journey was not always an easy one, for four years she struggled with chronic fatigue, which she has recently opened up about in the hopes that by bringing wellness concepts into her business coaching, she can help other women. One of her career highlights to date has been through this coaching, working with women and in the wellness space, she’s seen people change before her eyes, Leisha admits there’s nothing like it: “seeing women understand that we have the opportunity and the right to design our own lives- it’s almost like the sense of pride you get when seeing your child for the first time.” You can learn more about her story on her website www.lma.ie.


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