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Liberty on the Lighter Side
Liberty on the Lighter Side

Liberty Henwick

Liberty Henwick is the woman behind “Liberty on the Lighter Side”: an online parenting blog with an arts and crafts direction. Liberty studied graphic design at university in South Africa and worked as a graphic designer until she began her family. Re-evaluating their home in Johannesburg, Liberty and her husband decided to move to Ireland to raise their family and made a home in County Wexford. When her youngest was in school, Liberty decided to look for a job but found that the design industry had moved on, into new technological routes. During one job application, Liberty was required to know the ins and outs for WordPress and Google Analytics. Here she discovered that she enjoyed writing just as much as she enjoyed graphic design. Combining her talents in both, Liberty decided to take the plunge to start her own blog. Over the next eighteen months, she began learning about the tools she needed for optimal success on social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), how to market herself and create a viable revenue stream. She then took the leap and bought her domain name. Liberty on the Lighter Side has been blogging for four years! With the help and mentoring from the likes of Becky O’Haire of the Cuddle Fairy, and Sharon Gourlay of the Digital Nomad Wannabe, Liberty has taken her blog to a whole new level. She’s joining us as a Mentor on our first programme beginning in August, with lots of tips to share about starting and scaling a successful blog.


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