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Karen Dwyer

Karen Dwyer is the founder of MS to Success, a health and wellness program for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Karen is on a mission to share with others what she discovered on her own journey back to health.   Several years ago she hit rock bottom and was struggling with living with MS and facing financial and personal challenges. Then she had a WTF moment and set herself the goals to make herself happy and heal herself of MS.  Everything began to change from there. “I realised that no one could fix me and that I had to do the work myself.”  A year later neurologist confirmed that her MS was no longer active.Karen offers a range of online programs aimed at empowering people with MS to transform their lives. “I took the long way around on my own healing journey and want to fast track yours. You don’t have to be ready to start you just have to be willing.”Karen used her own journey to create the MS to Success programs and now focuses her energy on making her experience available globally in an effort to give people an opportunity to lean into her journey and create their own success. Karen finds it so rewarding and encouraging to hear from participants about how their symptoms have eased and their lives have transformed for the better.  The word is getting out and participants apply for her online programs from all over the world including USA, Canada, UK and Austria. Karen has been named as a top female entrepreneur to watch in 2019, has been nominated as one of Ireland’s Most Inspiring Wellness Entrepreneurs.Karen had her first entrepreneurial journey in 2004 on a Channel 4 program called Make Me A Million where she co-founded a multi-million-pound kids cosmetics company and was the first to create a ‘no nasties’ product for kids..After a very successful career in luxury retail management, Karen found herself looking for a Monday to Friday job as her child was getting to school going age and started her media sales management career working her way up to managing Sunshine Radio.  She harnesses all her business skills and experiences into her wellness enterprise - nothing she learned is wasted.Karen is so excited about launching a range of online programmes to support people with MS to feel confident, healthy and full of excitement for the future. You can find Karen at ( is in progress)


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