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Galadrielle Heinrich

Galadrielle comes from the South of France and she has been living in Ireland for the last 11 years. She currently works as Manager for the Business Development Associate team for the French market in Salesforce. In addition, she is very involved in the company's Equality life as the Vice-President for the Salesforce Women's Network (SWN) in Europe. The SWN is 'instrumental in achieving the goal of 50% women leaders, across all levels and representative of all Equality Groups at Salesforce, to empower and inspire all employees to lead in their own lives without limitation'. This philanthropic work is one of the things that make Galadrielle get up in the morning. Before joining Salesforce, Galadrielle worked for various big logos in Ireland such as Apple, Dell, Adobe and Hubspot. Galadrielle believes that moving to a management role in Salesforce is the key highlight in her career to date. The company's values of Trust, Customer Success, Innovation & Equality are what makes Salesforce a great place to work for her, in addition to being the best Sales school on the market and creating one of the most impactful company's cultures in Tech around the world. Originally, Galadrielle graduated with an MBA in International Management & Marketing from ISEG (France). Click the "see her website" button to view her LinkedIn page.

Business Development Associate



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