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Sarah Lennon

Sarah is the founder of Sarah Story Coach. After years of knowing her career ladder was leaning against the wrong wall, Sarah took the leap in early 2020 and created Sarah Story Coach - a Career + Business Coaching Consultancy. Here, the focus is supporting and empowering those who are stuck or frustrated with their careers. Making a career change, an internal move or targeting that promotion are all moves that don't necessarily come easily. For many people, obstacles get in the way, sometimes external but sometimes self-imposed. This is where Sarah comes in. As your Personal Career Partner, she's there to support and guide you in your quest to obtain more meaningful and fulfilling work. A huge (HUGE) believer in focusing your attention on the driving seat in your career, Sarah knows what it's like to feel that frustration. That stagnancy. That pure disillusionment. Together with her clients, they work together to build a career that they want, that they desire and ultimately, that they deserve. Using their strongest form of currency - their story, they move forward, or sideways or upward in ways that work for them - not the other way around.


Sarah Story Coach


64 South William Street

Dublin 2


Tel: 01 2549846 (due to Covid-19, we ask that you request a call back here to ensure your call is answered)

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