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Serial Entrepreneur
Serial Entrepreneur

Valentina Borovaya

Valentina is a serial entrepreneur with experience in both building start-ups from scratch and working in a major tech company. She has +7 years of marketing analytics and media sales experience at Google, where she owned the onboarding, retention and growth of Google Analytics 360 enterprise clients. She has a specific experience with Google Analytics implementation plans and audience segmentation & reactivation strategies with GA360 and Google Marketing Platform. She also negotiated multi-year deals with license price increases of up to +250%. Additionally, she has been developing customer case studies and she’s been organizing customer engagement events for her market. She has been often working cross-functionally with various internal and external teams, at the regional and at global levels. She was interviewing her future colleagues, and she was supporting new joiners to navigate the corporate culture. Since 2016, she has been mentoring Irish startups under the wider umbrella of Startup@Google initiatives. At the end of 2019, she quit the corporate world to fully focus on her company. Due to COVID, she exited it in June 2020 through the sale of her shares. As a startup founder, she has been wearing many hats: she is hands-on with web development, financial management and operations. As a Head of Product, she hired a team of outsourced developers and UX designers, defined the product strategy for further growth, and balanced the business needs with technical requirements. In total, she has over 12 years of experience being an entrepreneur and startup founder and she can relate to the challenges of early stages startups. Finally, she is a yoga teacher and meditation facilitator. She has had burnouts in the past, and she has experienced transitioning from a corporate office-based role to a work-from-home & self-employed position. She could advise founders on techniques to maintain a healthy work-life balance with time and energy management.

Serial Entrepreneur


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