Justyna Strzeszynska is the founder of Tempo period products. Tempo period products are a new, organic, and sustainable way to help women deal with their period cycle. Justyna came up with the idea in 2018, when she was seeking a more comfortable period product for herself and couldn’t find anything suitable on the market. After that, she conducted a feasibility study and began to develop designs and ideas for her brand. Justyna is seeking to create period pads and tampons from organic material, to lower the threat of toxic shock syndrome and other nasty and sometimes deadly infections that can occur from commercial products. She’s also developing other period care products like menstrual cups that are more user friendly alongside an app to help women measure their period flows and understand their needs when it comes to their individual care. Justyna’s products will market primarily to first-time users: millennials who are seeking sustainable and organic solutions to female care, alongside women in meno- and perimenopause. Justyna’s vision is to accelerate research and investment in female health, to have realistic, organic, and natural solutions to an issue that women have been dealing with for a millennia. Justyna is currently seeking Intellectual Property protection and will have her products to market soon.




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