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Kate Rooney

Kate Rooney has been working within the Coaching and Retail Sector for over 20 Years. Kate's experience spans various sectors across European and Irish Markets at a senior level , Kate's most recent role was a Retail Director with Best Menswear. Kate now works as a Retail Consultant across Ireland and the UK, bringing her industry knowledge to clients to help increase Potential and maximize Performance. Kate is an Accredited Performance Business Coach and uses her skills and Knowledge to bring Coaching to the Retail sector, an area that Kate is extremely passionate about as she wants to dispel the image that Coaching is only for high level executives. Kate believes there is a need for Coaching and Consulting within the industry and works with management teams and business owners to look at different perspectives to increase Performance and deliver business objectives. Kate's Coaching and Retail experience give her a unique set of skills within the industry of Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring. Kate also works with private coaching clients outside of retail on areas such as habits and behaviours to help clients reach their full potential.


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