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Sally Murphy is the founder and CEO of welltold, based in Donegal. A communications consultant, creative entrepreneur, writer, mentor and speaker, Sally is also a mother of two wonderful teenage boys. Her main niche in business is captivating storytelling to connect with people on a personal level making her work extremely memorable, powerful and inspiring.
Her recent portfolio of work ranges from the County Councils in Donegal, Sligo and Cavan to Rua Red, Tangent at Trinity and Google, as well as mentoring a host of small and solo businesses. Passionate about giving people a voice, she is particularly interested in strategic communications and creativity and how it impacts business. Sally started her business, then named Murphy Communications, as a part-time side-hustle in 2016, whilst working full time for VOID contemporary art gallery in Derry. Being a single parent of two young pre-teenage boys, and working full-time meant that life was extremely full on. Her business really took off in 2017, and just a few months later in 2018, Sally had the contracts and confidence to leave her full-time role in Derry. Ever since, her business has gone from strength to strength. More recently Sally was invited to speak on the power of storytelling with Microsoft for International Women’s Day. Her main focus right now is training and coaching solo clients and small business owners and she also loves working with the corporate sector. If you’re interested in working with her you can book her services online at www.welltold.ie


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