Famous Mentors & their Mentees

We all know how hard it can be to break into “the industry”, but it can be done. So how did our favourite celebs do it? Many celebrities praise their mentors for all the success. But who really are these mentors? 

Billie Eillish and Lady Gaga

18-year old Billie Eillish has had an extremely successful year, with her hit “bad guy” staying at number 1 for 20 weeks. She is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in music right now. After the 2020 Grammys Award Show, where Billie won 8 awards, Lady Gaga sent her flowers to congratulate her on her wins- and ask to be her mentor. The “Shallow” singer has also achieved critical acclaim, having won over 25 Grammys! When asked about this, Gaga said “For me, it’s healing because it hurt me that I didn’t get that. I’m going to be that for someone else.” Gaga didn’t have a female mentor when she was starting in the industry. She also said “I really hope that young female artists – or young artists of any gender identity or sexual identity – will know that I am rooting for them." Gaga has been in the industry as a singer and producer for over 10 years, and understands how useful a mentor can be in a person’s career. Lady Gaga has also spoken about how Sir Elton John has mentored her and guided her through the entertainment industry, saying he is “instrumental” to her life. Seeing as Gaga and John have released a song together, we can’t wait for Lady Gaga and Billie to get together!

Ariana Grande and Normani

The girl-group star turned solo artist Normani has spoken out about seeking everything from life advice to songwriting tips from her 27-year old mentor Ariana Grande. Normani as achieved a lot in her career so far, including features with Sam Smith, Calvin Harris and Khalid. She has spoken out about her relationship with Grande, saying “she’s been very supportive of me.” The two met when Ariana Grande hosted a sleepover for herself and Normani’s former girl-group, Fifth Harmony. The two are very close, as Grande co-wrote Normai’s lead single, Motivation. Normani also toured with Grande as the opening act for the American leg of Ariana’s Sweetner Tour. Normani has also said that Grande has helped her with her upcoming debut album. Normani has spoken about how Ariana has helped her along the creative process; "I’m like, 'When did you know your album was done?' She was just like, 'Honestly, you’ll know. Nobody will have to tell you. You’ll feel it. Just trust your instinct; trust your gut. And listen to that voice inside of you, and it’ll tell you that you’re done. Just take your time, too, and have fun in the process and make sure that it’s something that you love'. What great advice!

Saoirse Ronan and Greta Gerwig

The Irish actress Saoirse Ronan has had a phenomenal come-up in recent years, starring in films such as “Ladybird and “Brooklyn”. She spoke to Smile Magazine about how Greta Gerwig has mentored and influenced her. Greta has been a huge influence on me, just the way she’s gone about really honing her director’s skill, exposing herself to all of these great directors’ work and compiling all that so she can do it herself. Greta has done such a brilliant job of it. And I just really admire her.” The director has made many critically acclaimed movies, such as “Ladybird” and the 2019 remake of “Little Women”. Ronan also spoke on how Gerwig has helped many young women see themselves in a directorial role, and how important it is to have representation like that. “It’s great for younger people to look at Greta and see that they can do it too.” They met on the set of “Ladybird”, and had “giggly” skype calls even before. Ronan also has this praise of her mentor to say; “She's everything I want to be as an actor and as a filmmaker. I could feel myself going from being like, 'Maybe one day I'll direct, to looking at Greta and going, 'I really want to do this.’ Gerwig has also openly praised her mentee saying this in an interview to the Hollywood Reporter” she’s taken this God-given thing and deepened it and grown it, which, I think that takes such a strength of character.” 

Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton

While Dolly is Cyrus’ godmother, she is also her mentor in the music industry. Miley Cyrus began her career during her early teens in the Disney Show Hannah Montana. It was a hit and Miley went on tour across the U.S performing as her character. Parton has even guest starred for a few episodes as “Aunt Dolly”. Dolly has a very close relationship with Miley and her family, as her father, Billie Ray Cyrus is good friends with Parton. This led to him and his wife asking the Jolene singer to be Mileys godmother. The two have a really close relationship with Cyrus saying that she loves watching the way [Parton] treats people with love and respect.” Dolly has also revealed how she mentors Miley. "If she needs my opinion on something, I will surely give it, and there have been times we’ve talked. But I would never dream of calling her and saying, ‘Well why are you doing this?’ or, ‘You shouldn’t do this or that.” She wants Miley to develop “her own wings and learn to fly.” We have seen what happens when people try to restrict Miley (see her song Can’t be Tamed) so we think this is a great way to mentor the young singer. Parton went on to say how Cyrus reminds her of her younger self.

Anne Marie and Ed Sheeran

Anne Marie is a 29-year old singer-songwriter from Essex. She has achieved monumental success in recent years, with her number one like “2002” and “Friends”. She had always been a fan of Ed Sheeran and vice versa. The “Shape of You” singer has helped Anne Marie in many ways, from sing-writing to staying genuine in an increasingly fake industry. Anne Marie has said the biggest thing Sheeran had ever taught her was to “stay herself.” Sheeran is seen as one of the last “real: artists left in the music industry. She has also talked about how Ed helped her manage fame by leaning on her family and friends. “Ed told me you must always stay in contact with your mum, dad and family. “You’re constantly tweeting, reaching out to other people and letting them know you’re OK but you aren’t talking to the most important people. Now I try to talk to them every day.” Ed has also helped her in the studio, revealing to The Sun that he helped her write her hit song “2002”. The two have a good relationship with Anne Marie revealing that he “would always have my best interests and tell me the truth, which is what I need.” The Ciao Adios” singer even opened for Sheeran for his Divided tour in 2018 and 2019. 


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