Permission to Think About Your Career

With all the uncertainty in the world, it almost feels like we've packaged up our hopes and dreams and put them away for the last couple of weeks. It feels selfish to be worrying about ourselves as people lose their lives. But as the world makes plans for re-opening, it's a good time to start looking at the future- to get ready to get back to a bit of normal.

So, here's your permission. It's okay to get upset and angry about losing your job, about missing an opportunity, or about not getting your graduation party. It's okay to feel hopeless and overwhelmed about your situation, no matter how trivial it might feel in the face of other people's struggles. Take an hour, have a cry, and now, it's time to make a plan.

In our last few weeks of lockdown, we want to get you ready to grasp new opportunities.

- For freelancers, we're going to be talking to people who work in a gig economy, that rely on an audience to keep their personal brand alive- whether that's a blogger or an actor, a musician or a photographer.

- For business owners, we're going to be looking at how we can explore new markets, how we can keep overheads low and how to make the most out of a changed society.

- For climbing the corporate ladder, we're going to be looking at new opportunities, how to get back to business and take advantage of this time to get ahead.

Follow us in the next few weeks as we look at how we can manage these problems, how we'll make things better and how we can keep moving in the world.


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