Are you interested in working with us? We have a variety of options for you, your brand or company to be involved, other than signing up to be a Mentor!


For every category in Mentor Her, we produce 6 manuals to help our Mentees in succeeding in life.

These are divided into Freelancing (Journalism and Blogging, Influencers, Performers and the Arts), Running a Business (Start Up and Running a Business), Climbing the Corporate Ladder and Sports. 


Categories include everything from self-promotion to sales and marketing, social media to tricks and tips, checklists, insider advice, lifestyle plans and more.

If you would like to sponsor a manual, we have a range of options, including your in-house production or our own production with inputs from your team or business. If you would like to find out what's involved, please feel free to contact us.

It's a recommended option for business who may be able to offer our Mentees an opportunity to use their product or service in the future. 

Our Events

At the beginning and end of every Mentor Her programme, we hosts events for our Mentees and Mentors to get to know each other, network and listen to our speakers. ​

If you or your company would like to sponsor these events, we have a range of options available. From small flyer branding to speaker slots, stands and banners to social media promotion. 

Our launch events are a prime opportunity to sell your brand in a formal setting, attracting both Mentees just beginning their journey and Mentors who are already established in their fields. 

Our end events are a less formal affair, and a good opportunity to associate your brand with exciting opportunities in a  supportive environment. 

If you would like to discuss some options please feel free to get in touch.

Mentor Days

Throughout the year, Mentor Her hosts events for our Mentors as a thank you for taking part in the programme. Our Mentors come from a variety of backgrounds, all established in their fields. 

We offer sponsorship for our Mentor Events, designed to whatever your brand has in mind. From coffee mornings to luncheons, evening events, days out, tours, dinners and more.

These events are a great opportunity to show off your product or service, attract new clientele that have decision power in their own fields and gain publicity for what you do best.


Deals, Discounts and Freebies

Do you have a discount you would like to provide to the Mentees, Mentors or both that take part in the Mentor Her programme? We would love to hear from you! Whether it's an online voucher or a product- we have options to get your brand in front of our Mentees. 

If you are interested in offering a deal or discount to our Mentees or Mentors, we have a variety of options for you to consider to help you achieve the best out of your gift.

If you would like to find out the address to send gifts or samples to, whether for our Mentor Her team or for all our participants, please get in touch to receive our address. 

At our events, we provide a goody bag to our participants. If you would like to get your product in a goody bag we have lots of options available. 


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Tel: 01 2549846 (due to Covid-19, we ask that you request a call back here to ensure your call is answered)

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